Calling All News!

Please send us brief announcements of your business events, open houses, promotions, milestones, special sales, and other news — anything you’d like the rest of the Ipswich business community to hear about. We’ll send them out FREE in our regular email newsletters to our members to help spread the word.

Announcements can be up to 150 words long. Please include a headline/title and the contact information of the person submitting the announcement. All announcements are subject to approval and editing. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Detailed Submission Guidelines are included below.

Send submissions to: with “Newsletter Announcement” in the subject line.

Submission Guidelines

Topics: Any information that may be of use or interest to others in the local business community. This can include news, events, open houses, promotions, milestones, special sales, website launches, and other news — anything you’d like the rest of the Ipswich business community to hear about. (Hint: unless you’re a new or relocated business, generally, just saying that “your business is in town” isn’t quite enough. But the news doesn’t have to be big!)

Who: Anyone may submit an announcement. All submissions will require approval before publication.

Approval: All submitted material will be reviewed by members of the Chamber Board for appropriateness, and WILL be edited if needed. The primary criteria for approval will be the potential usefulness and interest of the material for the members of the local business community. Submissions may also be edited or rejected for lack of critical information, lack of clarity, overexposure of a particular topic, business, or event, missing contact information from the submitter, or for any other reason, including space limitations. The Board’s decision is final.

Headline and Text: A headline/title along with text of up to 150 words. Include critical facts like date, time, and phone number or website. If you’ve got news you feel needs more space, contact the Chamber to discuss it at 978-356-9055.

Please include the following information with your submission:

Name, phone, and email address of the person submitting the notice. (REQUIRED)
Name, address, and phone, plus email and website (if available) of the business or organization.

For Events: DATE, TIME (AM/PM, starting time and ending time), day of the week, LOCATION, PRICE (or if it’s free), whether a RSVP is requested/required, etc.

Please include ways for people to get more information: Website, email, phone, fax, address, and/or name.

Graphics: We’d love to include your electronic file of a photo, logo, or other graphic to go with your text. HOWEVER, due to the technical complications that can come with graphics files, graphics will be included with announcements SOLELY at the discretion of the Chamber Board members. The decision will be largely dependent on how simple it will be for us to include the image. Your image is more likely to be used if it is 72 dpi, no larger than 3 x 3 inches, and saved as a JPG. Normally, we will not accept self-contained advertisements as graphics.

Advertising: At least initially, the Chamber will NOT accept paid advertising in the member email newsletter.

Featured Business: For a fee of $100 there is an opportunity in each issue of the newsletter for one business to provide detailed information about their company. We may have to edit submissions, but there will not be the 150-word announcement limit placed on featured businesses. The featured business will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. If more than one business makes a submission, the next one will be featured in an upcoming issue, again in order of submission. All will be contacted to update any information that may be time sensitive to that edition.

Please note: Due to turnaround time of processing all requests, there could be some discrepancies between when the newsletter goes out to the membership and any dates you have listed in your information. We will do our best to coordinate this and notify you if there is a problem.

Send submissions to: with “Newsletter Announcement” in the subject line.